Having worked across diverse industries, the Automotive, Governance, Non-profit, Transportation, and licensed by the Association of Finance and Insurance Professional (AFIP), Timothy McClure saw firsthand how tedious it was for businesses to access and navigate the terrain of commercial loan required for them to grow, scale, and expand product areas.


So, for the past 10 years, Timothy McClure has embarked on empowering the small business economy - Enabling and designing financial solutions for businesses, medical financing, manufacturing financing, and other critical institutions that SMBs rely on.


His expertise in Small Business & Middle Market Business, Commercial Real Estate Lending & Investment Property Financing Program has channeled his focus into lending and payments, launching McClure Capital Lending, a new customer-centric Loan Brokerage, where he serves as President & CEO.


His team of Business Lenders & Business Financing Experts assists with investment opportunities, transaction execution, research, and support - intensely focused on facilitating the fastest loan decisions at the lowest rates with the least amount of stress.


Prior to this, McClure had spent 20+ years leading Sales in the Automotive industry, excelling in the profession. First at Rumpke Transportation Inc. where he generated over 25% of required department sales goals, trained new associates, directed organizational relations to generate new and repeat clients. He moved to Jake Sweeney Chevrolet where he was the Internet Sales & Leasing Consultant. There he produced outstanding levels of success in establishing high-profit accounts with excellent levels of retention and loyalty.


He also ran a Digital Financial Services Marketing Company, leveraging digital tools in driving sustained growth for clients in the financial service industry; and served as Senior Vice President at Nationwide Business Lender.


As the CEO of McClure Capital Lending, Timothy develops and manages the firm’s relationships, range of infrastructure, strategy engagements, and oversees the overall strategic direction and day-to-day operation.


Throughout his career, he has focused on increasing financial capacity and acquiring requisite capabilities, whether through Sales, running a financial services company, or providing business with funding and capital lending, he is changing the narrative and experience across consumer and commercial lending.



 Timothy McClure

McClure Capital Lending